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The owner of Margutta Glamour Studios and her staff have been organizing special tours and activities in Rome and other cities in Italy for decades. The family’s background and history in Rome add a natural ability for selecting activies that showcase “what to see” and “what to do” in Rome and other destinations in Italy. Having a local’s expertise is always best for optimizing your trip while crafting the most memorable itinerary.

Experiences In Rome

Special Sightseeing


Our specialized guides speak many languages: English, Spanish, French, German , Chinese, Japanese and many more! Our tours reveal a hidden Rome and stunning palazzi still owned by the original families for centuries.

If it is your first tour of Rome we suggest to make an appropriate schedule, with a realistic timetable to see everything but still enjoy your vacation! Based on the length of your stay we can suggest the best sights and give you a truly unforgettable experience.

Personal Shopping Services

Personal-Shopper-Services-by-Margutta-Glamour-StudiosShopping in Rome is a wonderful experience, with one-of-a-kind stores where you’ll always find something really special and unique. Shopping expert Barbara Lessona will guide you through the winding streets to show you the biggest names in fashion as well as hidden gems. Barbara has worked in the fashion world for many years and knows all the secrets including unique artisanal bottegas quite difficult to find alone. There is nothing as charming as  visiting a high fashion atelier and observing seamstresses sew an entire suit by hand!

If you’d prefer to make an appointment and shop privately in stores like Bulgari, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci Barbara is happy to arrange and assist you.

The Designer Outlet just thirty minutes by car from the center. Barbara knows her way around very well and can help you navigate such classic stores as Valentino, Loro Piana, Etro, Ferragamo and many more..

For everything from custom-made dresses and design jewelry to exclusive home decoration and rich fabrics, Barbara Lessona knows it all.

Tour of Contemporary Art and Experts

When you think of Rome you think of its ancient history but many don’t realize how many contemporary artists from the 19th and 20th century have been inspired and become famous in the Eternal City.

Since our great-great-grandfather Francesco Patrizi built the artist studios in 1858 such important names as Pablo Picasso, Isidoro Garnelo Fillol, Cesare Maccari, Vicente March, Salvador Sanchez Barbudo Cy Twombly, Renato Guttuso, Mario Schifano, Giulio Turcato, Alberto Burri, and Alexander Calder have worked in the ateliers. The studios on Via Margutta have been transformed into unique, design apartments in one of the most central, tranquil and beautiful locations in Rome. Walking down the street you can peer in on art galleries and artists at work, feeling the incredible history of this prized street.

To this day Rome Via Margutta serves as an important center for the arts. Some of the studios make up the Fondazione del Pastificio Cerere (an artist organization devoted to the contemporary arts), where you can visit and admire their work and meet some of the members personally.

Our contemporary art tour has been very much appreciated  by connoisseurs and others who seek something different.

Personal Chef Services

Personal-Chef-Services-by-Margutta-Glamour-StudiosWe offer the possibility of taking a three hour cooking class in a professional cooking school, or if you would like to stay at home with your friends and family you can book a chef to come and teach the classic italian dishes in the comfort of your apartment.

Most visitors love to return home with the secrets to real Italian pasta dishes, such as  Amatriciana, Carbonara, and the recipe for an authentic tiramisù. During an evening with your personal chef you can learn the secrets while enjoying good wine and the company of your family and friends.

Children Entertainment Services

Children-Friendly-Itinerary-Planning-Services-by-Margutta-Glamour-StudiosTravelling with children is fantastic, but when you are not aware of distances and details about the city it can prove difficult to organize a trip that the whole family will enjoy.

We can suggest sightseeing for adults and children together including tours that are appropriate for going through Rome with the eyes of a child. 3 hour private car tour experiencing the city’s treasures with plenty of opportunities to take pictures is one of the best. Rome offers so much to keep your children’s attention like visiting the gladiators on the ancient Appian Road.

Wine tasting and places to eat

Wine-Tour-Planning-Services-by-Margutta-Glamour-StudiosOf course Italy is known for the incredible food and delicious wine. So while you’re in Rome don’t miss the chance to taste Italian wines in a charming place or in one of Rome’s large, open piazzas and trattorias.  Enjoy all the varietals from Sicily to the north of Italy. We’ll bring you to tasting rooms where experts will give you all the information you need to help you decide what to take back home.

Special Events and Celebrations – Weddings

Perhaps you’re traveling to Rome (or another city in Italy) to celebrate a special event? We can help you plan your dream wedding, celebrate an anniversary or a special birthday, or organize your business event at a one-of-a-kind venue with professional organizers. We aim to create an event that suites your taste, budget and lifestyle that will be unforgettable.

Our organizers at Margutta Glamour Studios have the best connections in Rome to make your wish come true. Planning a wedding, celebration, or event from outside the city requires the help from people with the contacts and the know-how. We take on the responsibility for organizing  everything, including the legal paper work, in the case for civil or religious weddings.  Our policy is to make our guests feel at home with incredible, reliable, and memorable service. Contact us for more information!

Fun Tours – Bike and Vespa or Golf carts 

There are many ways to make a cultural tour even more memorable. We work with local and professional operators for bike tours, electric golf car rentals, and vespa tours where you’ll see the city from the seat of your iconic vintage Italian scooter! Golf carts can be rented at great, family-friendly rates. Starting at €15 for 30 minutes, €25/hr, and daily rentals for €130-150/day. For more information, see our blog post!

Ideal for adults and children over age 6.

Personal Trainer Services

We offer a special daily workout program with the neighboring gym, located just across the courtyard from your apartment where guests of Margutta Glamour Studios are offered a special fee. We also have a personal running mate who can take you jogging in the Villa Borghese park. Based on her availability, workouts can be organized in advance.

Seasonal Calendar and Events

Interested in “what’s going on” in Rome? Temporary exhibitions? Special markets? Lectures or openings? We offer a concierge service for some of the lesser known events taking place and all the details about them. If you’re looking for something unique to do on any day of the week, let us know!

Experiences Outside Rome

Day Tours/Excursion Planning Services

We can organize special out-of-town day tours to historic villas, wine tasting in nearby vineyards, excursions to Roman castles in the area, trips to the lake at Castel Gandolfo where the Pope has his summer home. The area around Rome, better known as Castelli Romani, is  full of magnificent properties that belong to the noble families of ancient Rome. The periphery of Rome is also home to incredible botanical gardens full of nature and beauty.

On days with good weather, a relaxing day trip to any one of these places makes for a perfect day. Contact us and let us organize it for you!

Before or after Rome – Itineraries in Italy

There are places and corners of italy that are difficult to imagine if not planned with a detailed itinerary. Calculating the distance is not always enough and some regions and parts of Italy are connected better than others. It’s best to ask for advice beforehand to make planning a smooth trip easier.

We have contacts in enchanting places to visit from Sicily and Puglia through Tuscany and le Marche, up to Piedmont and the Alps.  Italy has countryside, seaside and mountains that all offer incredible beauty and breathtaking nature.

Are you looking for a place to go near the sea? You could visit a hidden part of Tuscany on the coast where you might rent a boat one day and spend the next indulging in wine tours. We can organize a vacation rental with everything included and day-by-day itineraries for day trips and excursions. Perhaps some time in the city and the rest of your vacation in the secluded countryside somewhere. Everything can be a reality.