Margutta Glamour Studios on Via Margutta

Via Margutta and our Glamour Studios

Margutta Glamour Studios is located on Via Margutta in a beautiful and historic building designed by the owner’s great-great-grandfather, Francesco Naro Patrizi Montoro, in 1858. His idea was to create residences for artists at the time which ultimately changed the course of the street’s history since then.

Valentina Moncada di Paternò, a descendant of Francesco Patrizi, undertook an ambitious research project on the history of Via Margutta and recently published her findings in an incredible book Atelier a Via Margutta recounting amazing anecdotes; five centuries of international culture in Rome, stories from the artists’ ateliers who have since become very important in the history of art in Rome.

This street has been host to artists as important as Pablo Picasso, musicians like Pietro Mascagni and movie directors like Luchino Visconti and Federico Fellini.

In fact, our Margutta Luxury Loft apartment was once the studio of the famous Italian sculptor, Fausto Melotti, whose inspiration was fed by Via Margutta and created many masterpieces here.

The magic atmosphere and quality of inspiration you’ll find being in one of the studios here is transformational which is why this quiet corner of Rome has been a favorite residence for many intellectual minds.

The movie director Eriprando Visconti famous for the Monaca di Monza and many other films lived and worked in one of the beautiful studios overlooking the Villa Borghese and Villa Medici.

To this day Italian movie director Gabriele Salvatores (1991 Oscar for Mediterraneo)  lives and works on Via Margutta where he’s had his studio for the past ten years.

Via Margutta was also notably chosen for it’s characteristically Roman and charming quality as the set for the iconic movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Beginning in the 1950s Dolce Vita era throughout the 1970s Johnny Moncada di Paternò, the famous fashion photographer, setup his studio on Via Margutta to photograph iconic international models such as Verushka, Barbara Bach, Ali McGraw, in addition to many others.

You can still  run into famous actors because one of the most important cinematic dubbing studios is located in the beatuiful, open courtyard of the Patrizi property.

The owner of Margutta Glamour Studios is an interior decorator whose inspiration while restyling the apartments comes from her  passion and experience decorating famous hotels all over Italy.

She wants her guests to feel at home during their stay in Rome while preserving the idea that they’re living a unique experience in a historic building and environment.  She makes sure that her guests always feel that way!

 In short, Via Margutta was and is the place to be!